Do you take a percentage of my sales?

PUSH takes a cut from each sale made through your Pay Link. But the best part is that the more you earn, the less we take – cool, huh?

Please note that this cut does not include any payment processing fees – these are taken out of your transaction on top of any PUSH fees. You can read more about these on our payment and payout processors websites, Stripe, PayPal & Wise.

All-time earningsPUSH cutFor a $10 transaction, this will work out at:
Below $1,000 9%$0.90
Between $1,000 and $10,0007%$0.70
$10,000 or more5%$0.50

💵 All time earnings refer to all the earnings you have made through sales in PUSH. Earnings count as your sales minus PUSH and payment processing fees.

If your all time earnings are $1,000 or less, we’ll take a 9% cut of each sale you make. For a $10 sale, this works out at $0.90.

Then, when you tip the scale and your all-time earnings are $1001 or more – we’ll take 7% of each transaction you make until you reach the $10,000 milestone.

After your all-time earnings with us exceed $10.000, we’ll only take 5% of each transaction, meaning more money for you 💵

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