How to distribute your music online

🎶 Create, upload, listen!

To upload music to streaming stores, you will need to use a music distributor as stores do not allow independent uploads. You’ll first need to find a music distributor of your choice. We’d recommend our partners over at RouteNote, and below we’ll show you how to upload a release through their website.

  1. First, sign up or log in to your account.
  2. At the top of the page, hover over Distribution and select Create New Release.
  3. For those who already have a UPC, add it into the box. Or, skip this part and allow RouteNote to assign you one.
  4. Add your release title.
  5. Input your release details (artist name, genre, languages, and release date).
  6. Upload your audio.
  7. Attach your artwork.
  8. Choose the music stores you want to distribute to and submit your release to their team.

Their moderation team will review your music and check there is no copyright, and it is formatted for stores. Once they have approved your release, it will be distributed directly to your selected stores.

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