How do I request a refund as a customer?

Oh no! You’ve bought an item that doesn’t match the description! Read on to find out how to ask the seller for a refund.

💸 PUSH will only issue refunds in specific scenarios – to find out more about these, please read our Refund Policy.

To request a refund as a customer, you’ll need to contact the seller using the contact form linked in your checkout email.

Screenshot with green circle showing the button to contact the seller

Once you’ve filled in the form with your name, email (make sure you’ve used your checkout email) and message, please allow up to 30 days for a response from the seller.

😄 If the seller agrees to a refund, they will open a refund request on your behalf through their dashboard. You will receive an email when this happens.

😔 If you’ve not heard back from the seller after 30 days, please email [email protected] with evidence of your conversation with the seller and more information about the product you’re wanting a refund for and we’ll step in to help. Make sure to send this email from the email you purchased the item with!

Please note, PUSH only currently offers full refunds. We do not offer partial refunds as of yet.

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