What stats do PUSH collect from your links?

๐Ÿ“ˆ PUSH aim to provide in-depth statistics and analytics for all your links!

PUSH collects a variety of analytics for each link, including:

  • Views – how many views your landing page has had.
  • Conversions – conversions refer to the action taken in your link:
    • For Smart Links, a click on a URL will count as a conversion.
    • For Pre-saves, a successful Pre-save will count as a conversion.
    • For Reward Links, a successful download or unlock of your reward.
    • For Competitions; the completion of an action.
    • We will also tell you when these conversions happened – so you can assess when your link was most successful.
  • Device Type – the type of device that accessed your link.
  • Traffic Sources – the source of your traffic.
  • Success rate – how successful your link was in being interacted with.

Where can I see these stats?

There are 3 different places you can view different overviews of these statistics:

First is your dashboard. Your dashboard gives you a brief overview of the performance of all of your links in one place – so it’s easy to see how they’re doing at a glance!

PUSH dashboard

Second is your Manage Page, that you can access by clicking on the type of link in the sidebar – the top blue bar will give you an overview of how all of that type of link has performed.

Lastly, you can view more in-depth statistics by clicking on View Performance Data, found in the ellipsis menu โ‹ฎ next to the link you want to view more in-depth.

Here you can see many more in-depth statistics; shown as totals or adjustable time periods.

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