What URLs can I add to my link?

πŸ”— Within your Smart Link you can add any URL you like. If it’s relevant to your brand or business – add the URL!

πŸ“ When creating a Smart Link, you’ll need to select a template. There are 7 to choose from; Fan Link, Podcast Link, Event Link, Live Stream Link, E-commerce Link, Bio Link and Custom Link.

🌟 Ensure you include any URL you want your audience to see. From music streaming links, to Etsy, Instagram or Ticketmaster.

Examples of suggested URLs to include in your Smart Link

✨ Instagram
🐦 Twitter
πŸ“š LinkedIn
πŸ“ Pinterest
🌟 Facebook
β–Ά YouTube
πŸ‘Ύ Twitch
🧾 A portfolio link
πŸ“‘ CV link
πŸ› Etsy
πŸ›’ Shopify

🎫 Event tickets
πŸ’» Blog
πŸ–₯ Website
🎢 Music streaming stores

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