Do you collect fans’ data from links?

🧑 Don’t worry, your fans data is protected!

The only data we collect is PII which stands for Personal Identifiable Data. This is only collected for our Competitions and Pre-saves= tools. The reason this is collected is so that you as the creator can access their contact details.

At the end of a Competition, you’ll be able to collect the contact information of everyone who entered. This allows you to get in touch with the winner. When entering a Competition, users are giving permission for us to share their data.

In Pre-saves, you can upgrade to our premium plan to access the emails of the fans that Pre-saved your release – this is perfect for emailing them about your next future release.

We will always give your fans permission to supply their data, however please note that they cannot enter a Competition without providing their email as they cannot be contacted in the case they’re a winner.

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