What is a Competition?

A Competition is a chance for you and one lucky fan to be a winner! 🏆

Competitions are a Premium feature through PUSH.fm. Once you’ve upgraded your account, you’ll be able to create unlimited contests. You have the chance to grow your brand/business/creative name, and your fans have the chance to win a prize.

Your fans will need to complete the tasks you set in order to enter your Competition. These tasks are digital, and their aim is to help you grow your online presence. You could request fans to follow you on Instagram, retweet your recent tweet, or perhaps follow your artist account on Spotify.

How many they need to complete is up to you. Fans can enter more than once. Each action they complete is an entry. For example, if they have multiple Instagram accounts, they can follow you on each of them. The more entries – the more chance of them winning!

You choose how long you want your Competition to run for. When it ends, you pick your winner! You’ll be able to access the list of contact details for those who entered through your PUSH account.

‼ We’d suggest using a fair online generator to pull your winning name. Contact your winner and arrange delivery of their prize!

⚠ Important things to note

⬆ You must upgrade your PUSH account to access Competitions
🎁 Delivery is your responsibility. If you choose to gift a physical prize, you must organise shipping
👆 PUSH have no involvement with your prize. We simply provide a platform for you to host a Competition
🏵 You must choose your winner. We’d recommend using an online name generator to keep things fair
💲 Once you have upgraded, you can make unlimited Competitions
❌ Instagram and YouTube cannot be compulsory actions. This is down to the store policies rather than PUSH

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