How much do Pay Links cost?

Pay Links are absolutely free to use 🎉

PUSH takes a cut of each sale made through your Pay Link. The more you sell, the less of a cut that we take; cool, huh?

All-time earningsPUSH cutFor a $10 transaction, this will work out at:
Below $1,000 9%$0.90
Between $1,000 and $10,0007%$0.70
$10,000 or more5%$0.50

💰 Please note, each transaction will also be subjected to payment processing fees on top of the cut that PUSH takes; these will differ depending on your payment method, card type and location. You can read more about these on our payment and payout processors websites, Stripe, PayPal & Wise.

🛒 Any products that you upload to PUSH will count towards your account storage allowance. Free users get 1GB of account storage, whilst premium users get 50GB storage for only $5 a month (and a lot of other cool features).

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