What actions can I offer in Reward Links?

🎁 It’s not only your fans that get rewarded with your link!

When it comes to creating a Reward Link, you need to consider what areas you want to focus on. Whether you’re wanting to grow your social following, YouTube subscribers, or your artist music pages.

Your decision will help you figure out what actions to include. Some actions can be made mandatory while others cannot. The actions you can choose from are:

Music stores

  • Apple Music – Fans can either save your track to their library, or Pre-save your track if it’s not out yet.
  • Deezer – Fans are able to Pre-save your release if it’s not live, or they can like your playlist/artist page/song.
  • Spotify – Your fans can save your track, follow your artist page, play your music or Pre-save any song that isn’t yet out.
  • YouTube – Your audience can subscribe to your channel.
  • SoundCloud – You can request to be followed on your artist page.

Social media

  • Twitter – You can request your fans follow your account.
  • TikTok – You can ask your fans to follow your profile.
  • Instagram – You can ask your fans to follow your account.
  • Facebook – Request your audience to share your content.

📌 Please note: Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, TikTok & Twitter actions cannot be made mandatory.

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