What is a Reward Link?

🎁 The gift that keeps on giving!

A Reward Link is a link that benefits both the creator and their audience. As a creator, you set a list of tasks that your audience must complete. Once they have met the requirements, they’ll access a reward.

Your reward must be digital. You can choose from; adding a secret message, including a secret URL, or uploading a downloadable file. What you choose as your reward is up to you.

The link will be customised by you and therefore represent you as a creative. You can choose from a variety of actions that your fans must complete in order to see their reward.

These actions include following your social media accounts, or your artist streaming pages. You can make certain actions mandatory, and you can request they complete a set number of actions before they can access a reward.

All rules are decided by you. Consider what areas you want to grow. How many actions must your audience complete? A Reward Link is completely free to create, and free for your audience to take part in.

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