Help! I wanted a Fan Link to be automatically created on my Pre-save release date, but it hasn’t appeared – why is this?

😲 Oh no, your Fan Link hasn’t been created!

When your music goes live, your Pre-save will no longer be relevant. Your fans can’t save your track ahead of time, because it’s already live. Instead, you’ll want to direct them to your Fan Link.

This will contain all store links for your release. Your fans can choose their preferred store and be taken directly to your track within that store. We’d recommend clicking the option to create a Fan Link automatically once your Pre-save is over.

But, what if this doesn’t work? There are a few reasons your Fan Link may not automatically create. If you get to release day and your Pre-save hasn’t redirected your fans to a shiny Fan Link, check the following:

  1. You have selected Yes when creating your Pre-save. This is under the section that says “Would you like a Fan Link generated automatically on release day?” Without opting in for this, no Fan Link will be created for you.
  2. Your Pre-save URLs are correct. If any URL within your Pre-save is incorrect, or you have entered an artist page URL rather than the release URL, neither your Pre-save nor Fan Link will be successful.
  3. Your release is live. Have you got the right release date? If your track isn’t live when our system tries to automatically create your Fan Link, it won’t be able to find your store links and therefore won’t work.

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