How do Pre-saves work?

💾 You promote. Your fans save. They stream. You celebrate!

A Pre-save is essentially a digital pre-ordering system. You create your Pre-save to represent your music. Before it is in stores, your fans can save your track(s). When your release goes live, your track(s) will automatically be placed in their library.

As the artist, you will need your streaming links provided by your music distributor. They can access these once your music has reached the store.

Pre-saves can be created for Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Deezer – so you will need these URLs. Once you have added your streaming links to your Pre-save and attached any extra metadata, your sales start date or any other information, you can publish it.

Your Pre-save will be live straight away. From here, you will need to share your Pre-save URL, so your fans know it exists. All they need to do is click on it, and select the store they want to save on.

They’ll be asked to log into their streaming account and allow access. The access ensures the store is allowed to act on their behalf when saving this release. On release day, they can head to their library and start streaming!

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