Help! My Pre-save didn’t work

😢 Uh oh, your Pre-save hasn’t worked! Hopefully we can help you figure out why.

There are a few reasons your Pre-save might not be working. If you’ve checked all of these and still no luck, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you solve this. But, first, check the following:

📅 Check your release date. If your release date hasn’t been set correctly in your Pre-save, then it won’t work. The date must match the release date and time you have set with your music distributor.

🔗 You may have inputted the wrong links. Pre-saves only work with release URLs. They do not work for playlists or artist URLs.

😣 The saves were not successful. Your fans must log into their preferred music store and allow all relevant permissions for your Pre-save to work.

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