Why a Smart Link?

💡 Smart Links are exactly what they suggest – smart!

A Smart Link allows you to create a digital housing system for all of your links. Combining multiple URLs into one place. They reduce the amount of links you, as a creator have to promote.

You can choose from multiple template options which allow you to create a link unique to your creative field. They can be personalised so they best represent you, your brand or your identity.

Social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter only allow one URL per bio. Therefore, Smart Links are a way around this. You can include just one URL that contains multiple links within it.

They are a way to share your most important links, whether it be to streaming platforms, event tickets, social media accounts, or an e-commerce website. You can even include your own custom URLs, if it does not fall under a category we offer.

They’re a great way to keep all of your information safe, and make it accessible and user friendly. You’re able to add your own branding stamp too, so they’re completely unique to you. Plus, they’re unlimited, meaning you can create as many as you need!

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