How to edit or add URLs in your Smart Link

🐱‍💻 You don’t need to create a new Smart Link every time, simply update your current one!

You might find that your links are no longer up-to-date, or that you want to add something new you’ve been working on. Well, it couldn’t be easier to make these changes!

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  1. First, head to your dashboard.
  2. Then choose Smart Links from the left-hand side of your toolbar.
  3. Find your Smart Link and click on the three dots on the right-hand side.
  4. Select Edit Link.
  5. Now you’ll see the same view as when you first made your link.
  6. Add any extra links, or click on the link you want to change, select the URL, delete it and paste your new URL.
  7. Check everything looks correct.
  8. Save your changes and you’ll see them on your Smart Link immediately.
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