What is a Fan Link?

🔗 A Fan Link is a digital housing system for all your streaming store links.

A Fan Link is a customisable URL which contains links to all music streaming stores where your release is available. You can make a new Fan Link for every track or album you release.

They allow your fans to locate your music on their preferred store without you having to share multiple links. You can include your social media accounts within them too. This allows your fans to support you across multiple platforms.

They can be personalised with custom logos, artwork, descriptions and more! Allowing you to promote just one URL containing all the relevant information about your latest release.

Fan Links are free to create and allow you as an artist to promote your music efficiently without the need to juggle streaming stores. A Fan Link is just one of the many templates we offer under our Smart Link tool.

📌 See an example of a Fan Link below!

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