How to find streaming links using your release UPC

Did you know you can use your UPC to source all of your streaming links? 🔗

When creating a Fan Link, you can use our auto-lookup tool to find links to your release across a huge handful of streaming platforms. As well as using a source URL in our auto-lookup, you can also use the UPC or ISRC of your release (obtained from your music distributor).

  1. First, make sure your release has been approved by your distributor and sent to your chosen streaming platforms.
  2. Secondly, log into PUSH and click Create New Link -> Smart Link -> Fan Link
Create Fan Link

3. Then, input your UPC or ISRC into the auto-lookup and click Next Step once the auto-lookup has done it’s job.
🔍 Please bare in mind that there are huge amounts of releases to sift through on all the platforms we search so sometimes this can take a few moments.

4. Yay! Our auto-lookup has pulled your release details from the streaming stores. If there’s anything you want to change, add or any URLs that need updating, you can do this easily in each step.

5. Once you’re done and ready to go, click Launch Link.

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