How to locate your streaming store links using your ISRC

🔗 If you’re looking to create a Fan Link quickly, using the release information you have to hand, we can help!

You don’t need to find your streaming store URLs to be able to create a Fan link. In fact, our auto-lookup tool can find your streaming links for you. All you need is access to your release metadata.

You might want to create a Fan Link for just one track off your album, or perhaps you cannot locate your UPC easily. If this is the case, grab your ISRC and input this into our auto-lookup tool.

It will search across all streaming platforms and bring up a list of where your release is available. You can then manage and edit your links. All metadata including your artist details, and artwork will be sourced too.

Head over to, and click on the pink plus icon in the top left corner. From here select Smart Link, then choose Fan Link. Now you need to input your ISRC and we’ll do the rest!

Creating a Fan Link using an ISRC GIF

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