What is PUSH.fm?

PUSH.fm is an online platform that offers free marketing and sales tools to musicians, content creators, brands and businesses.

We offer a range of tools such as; Smart Links (these are broken down into multiple templates), Pre-saves, Reward Links, Pay Links, and Competitions (if you upgrade your account). All offer a range of customisation features to make your landing pages unique.

We provide a platform where you can create a range of links for a range of purposes. These links can combine your social media accounts, making them easy for your audience to find. Or, you can add your streaming links to share your latest track easily with your fans. Or, you can sell your most recent sample pack to your audience.

Our platform provides you with tools you can use to promote yourself and start earning from your digital creations. All of our links can be shared across social media platforms, emails, websites, anywhere you’re able to share a URL.

PUSH.fm offer both a free and paid service. Our Premium accounts cost $5 per month. With a Premium account, you can access features like Competitions and Facebook Pixel.

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